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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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fire, he fortunately had with him a little sugar
and Cheese on which he subsisted, we let him
have some provisions and informed him his
right course homeward

8th of the month

Arrived at our House Joseph

head surveyor for the Holland company,
Jasper Parrish States interpreter, Farmers
Brother the chief Sachom of the Seneca
Indians, and a large company of Surveyors
being on their way to Cornplanters in
order to have matters agreed on repecting the
Indians reservation on this River, the evening
being wet they stayed with us all
night which gave us an opportunity of a
short conference with the Farmers Brother
in which we informed him of our motives
in coming amongst these Indians, and
had our Certificate explained to him
by Jasper Parrish, the old Chief appeared
to be pretty well satisfied with our proceed-
ings and said "he was glad to hear of our
coming among these Indians, and was in hopes
we would be of use to them, and was
glad at this time to see us and have
the opportunity of conversing with us,