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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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porcupine quills, and small beads, they are
latterly getting much in the practice of wearing
hats, The dress of the Woman is much like
that of the Men save a short woollen petticoat
and a broadcloth wrapper instead of a coat.
The Women about us have a number of
corn patches interspreed through the bushes
which they tend with their hoes, they
plant the hills about 3 feet apart with
8 or 10 stalks in a hill, their activity in
hilling and weeding it is somewhat

27th of Sixth month


being at our
House we enquired of him if he would sell us
some boards to build a House he replyed that
we might have as many as we wanted at two
Dollars per hundred and he would deliver them
at at our landing, a few days after he
sent for us to come to the Saw mill and
see the boards measured out, we immediate-
ly went and found Cornplanter and several
other Indians at the Mill. here we had a
pretty stricking instance of the generosity
of Cornplanter, for as we had told the
Indians in council at our first coming