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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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things that they might find their families
and people well when they got home

We are now settled and got to work at the old and
almost deserted Village Genesinguhta

which is
so overgrown with rubbish & bushes as to cause
a great deal of labour to prepare it for the Plaugh
which we started a few Days ago and have plan-
ted a small piece of Corn and also some Vine and
garden Seeds, The Indians are dayly flocking
about us and manifest much kindness and respect
after bringing us Vennison & fish of an excelent
quality, to the Women we often impart small
presents which came for that purpose from
friends in Philadelphia for which they returned
many thanks

The dress of the Indian men in warm wea-
ther consists of a short Calico shirt or frock which
comes a little below the waist over which
the ware a fine broad Cloth coat of a lively
coulor mostly Blue or green instead of pantaloons
they wear a piece of fine cloth, their leggens
are mostly blue or green, and some times
superfluously decorated with small beads
and curious straps about their legs, their
moccasons are curiously wrought with ribbands