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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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amongst them, that we came not to trade
with them, nor to use any endeavours to
to get their land or skins, therefore he
said he would take no pay of us for
any thing we got from him, but that we
might have as many boards as we wanted
without pay, we got 1000 feet and acknowleged
the old Mans kindness and offered him the
Money which he refused taking as pay for
the boards but as he was in need said he
would borrow it until he received his
annuity from government, and then he would
return it again, which he did accordingly

7th of seventh month


and one of our
neighbour being at our house, the latter
having a short time before erected a sign on the
bank of the river at his new house with
an intention of keeping a tavern, which was
a verry disagreeable circumstance to us, yet cau-
tion was requisite least we should give offence
We however manifested our disaprobation to
to such a practice, in the presence of neighbors
John and Cornplanter, the old chief then infor-
med us that we must not be frightened at it and he
would try to have matters so ordered that