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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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on their Journey having a very rough and
disagreeable road as far as Cataraugus

11th of the month

we were visited by Cornplan-

and several other Indians being on their
way to Canadarque in order to settle mat-
ters about the Land they sold last fall, by
whom we wrote to our former companions
which they expected to meet at Canadarque

20th of the Month

received a letter from John Pierce

and Joshua Sharpless by the return of our neighbour
John, informing that they had an affectionate
parting with Cornplanter at Buffalo Creek who
was pressingly solicitous that they should stay un-
til the Council met but at length gave it up
and in their parting conference Cornplanter
feelingly expressed that he hoped they would
make their mind perfectly easy about their young
Men, for altho he could not answer for sickness
or Death on such things, but as for anything else
he would look upon it his duty always to be
their friend and that they might depend upon him
as such, and that no harm should happen to them
from his People, he concluded his spech with desi-
ring the Great Spirit might preserve them on
their journey, and that he might so order