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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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some of them are gone a hunting, We are
now ready to hear you speak:

One of our
company then informed them that we
had some further proposals to make them
which we had commited to writing in
order to help our memories which was
read and interpreted to them as follows-

To Cornplanter and all our Indian Bro-
thers of the Seneca Nation now living on
the Allegany River-

Brothers we have now been several
Days among you, and have had Coun
cils with your Chiefs and wise men,
and we have looked about your Coun
try and agreed upon a place for our young
Men to begin on, and we are glad and
thankful to the Great Spirit that every
thing we have proposed for your good has
been so agreeable to your minds, that we
seem to agree together like Brothers
having but one mind in every thing
we do; and we hope Brothers we shall
continue to be of one mind about all
the things which we have been speaking
to you of