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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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on the spot of Land that we intended to im
prove, after we had paid the Woman for the house
we assisted her in carrying her goods to another
so we took possession after clearing
the Cabbin of some of the filth that is
mostly to be seen in Indians Houses


made a begining at grubbing which
business I had never done before there
appears to be a great deal of it to do before
the Ground will be ready for the Plough
and a multitude of old Logs to remove out of
the way

27th of the month and first of the week

had a meeting in our little Cabin which was
a very satisfactory one to me, and elderly friends
being favoured to drop some suitable hints
of caution and admonition before us which
I believe was well adapted to the state of our


we attended another council with the
Indians, after setting a short time in silence

got up to open the Council
and said, -
Brothers I am very
glad to see you all well, any People are
also well, many of them are here but