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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Brothers you know the place we have chosen
for our young Men to settle on up at

and we hope some of your
sober young Men will settle by ours and
fence off lots for themselves as they see our
young Men fence of theirs, and our young
Men will be willing to instruct and assist
them a little about working their lots, now
Brothers we think our young Friends will
not be able to reuse anymore grain this
year on their lot than what they will
want to live upon; but we are in hopes
another year they will have a little to
spare and we are willing they should give
to your old People that cannot work for
themselves one Bushall out of four of
all the grain &c. they have to spare, the
rest they must have to buy Salt and
other things which they cannot raise
off the ground-
Brothers, In order to encourage you still
more to take up work and follow those good
ways which we pointed out to you; we will
agree to help you a little more-

Brothers We will send you a Smiths