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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and farming utensils that were coming
forward were intended to lend to our
Indian Brothers and that they should be
under the care and notice of our young friends
while they staid here, for they knew
that some of their young Men were
not quite as good as they should be and
if these things were divided amongst them
some of them might pawn them away
for Whisky, and then they would be as
bad off as they were before they go there
to this information some of the old Men
expression their way a hearty approba
tion, and some of the young Men mani
fested a sensibility of its perinanaby a
shamefaced good humoured laugh
After the above observations had taken
plave cornplanter

expressed that as matters
ware now settled we wouold shake hands as
Brothers, and directed his people to come to
us himself first setting them an example
thus the councel ended late in the evening.

20 of the Month and first of the weeks above

nine O clock Cornplanter

came into our ap
artment and said we must not think