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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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the young Men likes it and we like it they
may stay longer.

Brothers if your
young men stay here we want them to
learn our young men to read and write

Brothers two of you are a going home again
if they hear any thing about our land or
our money they must write to these young
men have and they must tell us if we are
like to cheated

After Complanter

had closed the foregoing
speech we informed them that we were satisfied
with what they had said; and proposed to them
that they should let us have a good piece of
land to work in order to set them an exam
ple and to raise bread for ourselves to eat
but that the land should still be theirs, and
all the improvements we had on it would
also be theirs when we left it; and in order
to know where would be best for us to settle
we told them we must look about their Land
and go to the other village and see the Land
there, and desired that some of their Chiefs
would go with us and show us their land
all which they readily agreed to; we also
informed them that the carpenters tools