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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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proposials you made to us but we differ in
opinions and we must take great pains to
have every thing complete.

Brothers we suppose the reason you came
here was to help poor Indians, some way
or other, and you wish the Chiefs to tell
their warriors not to go on as bad as they
have done; and you wish us to take up
work like the White People. Now

Brothers some of our sober Men will take
up work and do as you say, and if they do
well then will your young Men stay lon
ger, but some others will not mind what you

Brothers we cant say a word against
you it is the best way to call Quaker Brothers
you never wished our lands therefore we are
determined to try to learn your ways; and
there young Men may stay here two years
to try, by that line we shall know if Morris
will leave us any land and whether he will
pay us our Money; for last summer we
sold our Land and we dont know yet
whether he shall get our money, but by
that time we shall know, and then if