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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and said they would reply to what we had said
next day; In the evening Cornplanter

came and asked us divers questions relative to
our qualifications for work if any of us
were carpenters, to which we gave them such in
formation as they wanted and told them we had
a set of carpenter tools and a number of far
ming utencils coming in a Boat which was
intended for the use of the Indians

19 of the month

they spent the most of this
day in Council among themselves, frequently sending
one to ask us questions relative to our business
in the evening about 30 of them came into
the appartment where we were in order to reply
to what we had said to them yesterday and Corn

got up and spoke on behalf of the people
nearly as follows-

Brothers the Quakers
listen now to what I am going to say to you.

you know Brothers the Red people are poor
they are not like the White People, the
great, Spirit has made them of another lan
guage so that it is very hard for us to un
derstand one another plainly, as there is no
person here that can interpret very well-

Brothers we take great pains to settle the