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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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having no desire for any of your lands,
your skins, your furs, or anything that
is yours

The hearty desire we feel for your
happy improvements in pursuing a quiet
peaceful and sober course of life has made
us very thoughtful about the serious
undertaking of the aforementioned young
Men, so that our minds have been ear
nestly turned to look towards some others
of our Brethren to accompany them
on their being introduced among you,
and to join in endeavours to promote
their proceeding in a way most likely to be
helpful to you and satisfactory to themselves.
and it affords us pleasure to find two friends
whom we esteem and love have expressed
a willingness to give themselves up to
the service; their Names are Joshua

and John Peirce, Men well
worthy of the love and regard of our In
dian Brothers

Above all things Brothers forget not that
when you are still and thoughtful there is