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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Industry and to live soberly & peacefully and
to avoid all evil speaking and in a particular
manner we entreat you to keep from the
use of Rum and Strong drink, you know
it has been the cause of many evils and
much wickedness amongst you. If you
follow this counsel we believe the great &
good Spirit will bless you with many bless
ings, and fill your Hearts with peace & comfort

With these young Men we shall send
into your country some ploughs and
other useful articles to assist in cultivating
your land, which we commit to their
care in order that they may shew you
the use and benefit of them, that you
may be encouraged to procure for your
selves like necessary tools, and by diligent
use of them come to reap the plentiful fruits
of Industy, enjoy with your Families com
fortable Dwellings, and look on your fields
your cattle, your fruit trees & woods with
contentment and pleasure, to enable and
assist you yo accomplish this is the sole end
and purpose of our present endeavours.