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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Your Friends the Quakers have
fro many years been desirous you should
be taught in the ways of hood and honest
white, that you. your Wives and
Children might learn to live more com
fortably, and be relieved from the distresses
and difficulties to which you have be subjected
by your old habit and manner of living

some of your Counsellors and
chief Men have told us that you desired
to follow our advice, and requested our
assistance in those good ways we should
recommend to you for your present &
lasting benefit- now Brothers we have
been very thoughtfull on your account
desering to counsel you wisely in all things
and that you & your children might hear
ken diligenly to our lasts and lock it up in
your hearts so that you may often remember

We have waited to feel how the
Good Spirit might lead and direct our mind
in those things in which we may be helpful