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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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talk when we go home, Brothers you see we
are poor and have bad Houses covered
with bark and we cant build them better
We are now ready to hear your talk

a short time of silence we informed them
of the motives of our coming amongst them
and a little explained the nature of our
business, then read our Certificate which
is as follows

To Cornplanter with the chief Men
and others of the Seneca Tribe of Indians

It has pleased the Great
Spirit above to dispose the Hearts of the
Rulers in the United States and of your
people, to live in Peace and Friendship
and no longer to hurt and destroy each
other -- this hath long been the earnest
desire of the Children of Onas your Breth
ren the people called Quakers -- The path
between you and them is now plain and
open, so that the good will and friendship
which subsisted between your fathers &
ours may be renewed and strengthened