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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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then will your Old Men, your Wives, your
Children and Childrens Children live in
security and enjoy the comforts of life

Brethren and Children let this admoni
tion sink deep into your Hearts and may
you be Blessed with a clear Sky, smooth
Roads and plentiful harvests to the end
of your days

I commend you to the care of the Great
Spirit and am in heart your friend
Jas Wilkinson.
Commander in Chief of the Troops
of the United States

After spending a short time in conversation with
James Wilkinson

we departed (he accompanying
us through his Guard) and set forward on
or journey, crossed the Allegany and tra
velled about 33 Miles to a poor little hut
where we were obliged to put up for quarters
or Lodge in the woods, we however tied our
Horses to Stumps & and fed them with feed
we carryed with us, our lodging in the House
being on an earthen floor and very disagree
able it being the first time we had lodged