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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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and an order on George Fowler

, deputy
Quarter master at Ft. Franklin requesting
him to furnish us with provisions or any
thing else we stood in need of at that place, he
also gave us a written speech addressed to Corn
and other Seneca Chiefs which is as

To the Cornplanter and the Village
Chiefs of the Seneca Nation Friends and Brothers

the bearer one of
our beloved men from among the People
called Quakers, Visits you with several good
Men from the same soceity, who intend to
set down amongst you, in order to instruct
our red Brethren in words of usefulness
and to point out to them the path of
Virtue which leads to the Blissful mansions
of the Great Spirit the Father of Light
and Life-

Brothers I charge you to take our beloved man
and his companions by the hand and treat
them with kindness and sincerity, open
your ears and listen to what they say
open your eyes and follow their footsteps