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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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on the Ground

13th of the Month

rode about 35 miles to
Ft. Franklin

having a difficult Road and
horse feed very dear, oats being about two
Dollars per Bushel; we put up and lodged at
John Andrews Tavern where we got pretty
good accomodations tho very dear

14th of the Month

went to the Garrison to see
George Fowler

who appeared very oblidging, and
furnished us with what provender we want
ed for ourselves and Horses, and expressed a
willingness to take care of all our Letters and
Goods that came to his hands, and forward them
to us if convenient, he also provided us a pilot
to go to Conewango, through an uninhabited
wood except by a few families, in the
afternoon we set forward with our pilot
and reached the House of James Tite[a?]s on the fertile
banks of Oil Creek where we were kindly en
tertained without money or price, here we
put bells on our Horses and let them run
loose in the woods, the Man of the Hous informed
us that he had gathered three Barrells of Oil
in one year off the Waters of Oil Creek, and