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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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kind and was friendly as was his Wife and Family, after
Dinner crossed the Monongahela River

rode about 13 miles to an Inn where we lodged that
nigh and had but poor accomodations, tho
perhaps the best the House could afford.

10th of the month

traveled about 24 miles down
the aforesaid River

and crossed again at Pittsburg
and took up our quarters at Wm Morrows
Tavern where we met with good entertainment
11th of the month we spent out time in
procuring some Goods to send by Water
to the Indian Country, some of our com
pany went to the Garrison respecting our
Goods that was sent from Philadelphia and
upon inquiry found they had arrived a few
days before and General Wilkinson employed
a wagon at the States expense to haul them
to the River and a Boat to to carry
them from thence to our intended settlement.
12th of the month went again to the Garrison to
see General Wilkinson who appeared to have
much good will for us, and the cause in
which we were engaged, he gave us consider
able information respecting the Indians