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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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works and Blacksmithing. Limestone is also
plenty here and the whole
is encouragement for settlers, yet alas, there is one
abominable practice which the inhabitants
has got into which I think has been a great hurt
to them and their Country, that is destroying
the grain that was given them for the support
of Life to make an article which tends very
much to destroy both the lives and Souls of men,
and set up the Kingdom of Antichrist, I have
often thought that Spirituous liquors is one of the
strongest weapons the Adversary has to make
use of in order for the upholding of his Kingdom,
for when people are enticed to drink large draughts
of it, how easy they are lead in to an innumer
able catalogue of evils such as gambling, lying, swear
ing, fighting, and sometimes to murder.

9th of the month

set forward again accompanyed
by my brother and two brothers in law to
Reece Cadwaldies

near Browns Ville where ac
cording to appointment I met with my travelling
companions it being friends Meeting Day we
attended their meeting after which dined at
our kind friends who heartily approbated us
in our present undertaking and was very