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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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reached and lodged at the House of Abraham

in Lancaster County where Henry
met us, also John Pierce and Joshua
who had given up to accompany us
to the Seneca Country.

1st of 5 mo.

being five in company we all set
forward on our journey and lodged the night
following at William Wrights

at Wrights
ferry on Susquehannah.

2nd of the month

crossed the River and rode to

, thence piloted by W.Kirk (a promising
your Man) to John Garritsons and Isaac
where we lodged that night and believe
were heartily welcome.

3rd of the month

being now out of the neighbour
hood of Friends I shall not be particular noteing
the stages till we crops the Mountains, we
trailed about 35 miles a Day along very rough
and Mountainous roads still we got to Connell

on the banks of the Yoxhioyany River in
the settlement of Readstone, some of those high
mountains whose summits seemed to
mingle with the Clouds afforded a prospect truly
gratifying to me and displayed the wonderful world
of Omnipotence more