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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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what we can do, & then we will speak to you again
about it.

This is all we got to say at present.

We expressed our satisfaction with what they
had said, & the council concluded.

3rd day 26th

Agreeably to the conclusions of 7th day last
John Sergent, in company with John Quiny & Solomon
came this day to Oneida in order to settle the accounts
respecting the Mill. The several Sums advanced by
our committee towards this Mill amounted /exclu-
sive of the 100 Dollars lent to Capt Hendricks for the use
of his nation about 3 years ago/ to 559 Dollars 47 Cents
against which was credited the 100 Dollars now lent
to Capt Hendrick, & their treasurer informs that only
370 Dollars, of the 1000 rec’d by Capt Hendrick had
come into his hands; 52 of which he had laid out, but
was willing to give his own private Note, payable or
on demand, to Jacob Taylor for that sum; which was
agreed to, & a Note drawn & executed accordingly. He
then paid in money on behalf of the nation 318 Dollars
& took a receipt from Jacob Taylor, for the 370 he had
been entrusted with.