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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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ments, relative to the young Indians working with
them on the farm, but were under doubts of the recti-
tude of their adopting any thing new, without instruc-
tions from the Committee on the occasion.

We believed it best to spend some days in this place
& to feel & sympathise with our friends under their va
rious trials, and notwithstanding we had no powers
from our friends at home, relative to things here, we
believed the urgency of the occasion would justify us
in joining with them in a serious consideration of
what might be profitably proposed to the Oneidas
on the subject of their young Men working on the
Farm with our Friends, as well as the necessary arrange-
ments relative to Wm Gregories prospect as a Smith
together with our concerns at Stockbridge.

7th day 23rd

This day set out for Stockbridge in com-
pany with Jacob Taylor called in at many of their
houses, & paid short visits, with which they mani-
fested great satisfaction & pleasure as most of them know
one of us, who had before spent several Weeks in that
place: we visited John Quiney in his school which
was conducted with becoming solidity and order, went
to see their Mills, which appear well constructed, and