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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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Sometime after night a messenger arrived here
from Farmers, Brother, at Buffolo, requesting Corn-
attendance at that place; the Surveyors & c.
being come in orer to run the lines of their reserva
tions agreeably to a treaty of last Summer with
Robt Morris; Cornplanter expressed a particular de-
sire that we should attend their Council on the
occasion at the aforesaid place. we had for sometime
past, felt our minds rather turned towards taking Ca-
& Oneida in our way home & upon
enquiry were informed that we could not get to Ca-
nandarque from this place with out going by Buffalo; we were there-
fore easy to agree to attend at the aforesaid place.
It remained now to fix on a time for our setting out,
but to this end the want of our goods seemed in the
way as we had heard nothing from them since we
left Pittsburgh a full result was therefore defered.

3rd day 29th

Most of this & past of the succeeding
was employ’d in digesting our minutes writing letters
& c. one of w’ch was to Thomas Wister, shewing the
present state of our business at this place and
another to General Wilkinson, containing a brief