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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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corn, potatoes, & other things as best suits his own con-
veniency, & we doubt without much, if any regard
to their true interest.

About 5 OClock left the old village & return’d
with Cornplanter to our lodgings at his house, at

3rd day 22nd

This morning took up the consideration
of what further propositions might, with propriety
be made to these people, in order for their addition-
al encouragement in civilization & agriculture, &
being favoured to unite in what was expedient, they
were committed to writing, in readiness for our next
council in the minutes of which they will appear.
We were this day, as well as at some other time, pret-
ty closely interrogated about Robt Morris of Philada
Cornplanter & other Indians here, having heard that
he was in Jail, appear to be somewhat alarmed, lest
they should loose their Money as well as Land, which
we understand they parted with, with great some reluctance
They had likewise heard that the Land was not
purchased for Morris, as they expected, but for some
others whom they call the Holland People. With