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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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let them know that we could not tell them all that
we should say to them in the Council, for we thought
it right to wait to feel the good spirit influence
our hearts to speak to our Indian Brothers, but that
we would read them our letter from our friends, in
philada with which they appeared to be satisfied. The
letter was accordingly read by paragraphs & inter-
preted by henry Obeal as also that of General

bout 12 OClock, the Indians being generally
collected, we sat down in council & after a short
silence Cornplanter opened the business by a short
speech, expressing the joy they felt when they saw
us coming through the bushes yesterday; and their
thankfulness to the great spirit that we were arrived
safe, he then mention’d our request of yesterday, to
see his Nation in general council, both Men &
Women, adding, that many of our Men are now here
but our Women could not come, but our Men will
tell what you say to their families when they get
home, closing with reminding us of their poverty, &
that their houses were poor & covered with bark &
that they were now ready to hear what we had to
say to them. We now, as at some other times felt