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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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fied with many improv’d farms,
over a great extent of country.
from thence to Delaware 7 miles,
the river 400 yards wide. Then to
Josiah Add’s, a public house, over a
well improv’d country 7 miles, having
two miles back pass’d by Buckingham
meeting house
. Then 10 miles to
Jacob Perry’s, a kind friend; here we
got our dinners, & rested a few hours.
Then to Ezra Comfort’s near Plymouth
meeting house, 12 miles, here we
lodged, & were kindly entertain’d.
It is a beautiful country from
Buckingham meeting house here;
The land thickly settled, good stone
houses & barns; farms well improv’d
many good fields of corn & oats,
pretty good rye, & much of the
ground under this culture; but