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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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day for travelling: about 8 or 9 miles
of a fine country down the river, tho’
poorly farm’d, buildings not near
so good as farther back, then 5 mile
to Aldriges, where we got our break-
fasts, thro’ land equally as good, &
much better farmed, with some large
buildings; both spring & winter wheat
good, also the corn; & fine meadows
loaded with the best of grass; the
river at times close on our right, which
flow’d along with a gentle current,
appear’d pretty deep, tho’ not much
larger wider than Brandywine; this was
thro’ what is call’d the German Flats.
We pass’d thro’ the county town of
Hackamack, & so over the river on a
bridge to the south side one mile
before we fed: then 14 miles to Treeven
, over high, dry, stony land,