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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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destruction it made; whole fields of
wheat were entirely cut off, so that
we could not see one head standing
corn, flax, & oats, far’d but little better,
peas, in the gardens & fields, whole
acres being sown here, were entirely
destroy’d; large fields of timothy
were so broken down that they smell’d
like fresh hay; there being many poke
poke bushes along the road, which
were knock’d all to pieces, the stalks
which were as thick as rake handles
were broken; in short all vegetation
where the storm reach’d, suffer’d much
the fences, stumps, & old logs, were much
mark’d; the windows of a number
of houses were very much destroy’d; one place
of worship we understood had more
than 300 lights broken.


A fine morning, & a pleasant