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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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buildings mostly poor, as was also
the grass, & other crops; we now
left the river at some distance to
our left. About 3 miles back
we went by a pretty elegant house,
now occupied by the Presbyterians,
it was built by William Johnson
before the French & Indian war
as a place of worship for the
Indians. In about one mile after
we left Treevendurf’s, having pass’d
thro’ a fine flat, we rode the river
which had increas’d much in width,
the flat still continuing, in one mile
we left it, & pass’d over 6 or 7 miles
of a stony, rough, poor country, except
some bottoms on the river, the
buildings also poor; then 7 or more
miles of fine bottoms loaded with
grass, & various sorts of grain,