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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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I thought was not much larger than
Brandywine, we then went down
the north side of said river, thro’ a
rich country thickly settled, to Braton’s
3 miles, where we got good accomodations
both for ourselves & horses; farmers busy
mowing & making hay today, the
first we have seen Grass so stout
scarcely room on the ground to dry it.
24 miles. Seventh day last
about 4 Oclock in the afternoon, while
we were at Stockbridge, a violent hail
storm pass’d thro’ the country a little
to the north of us, its direction was
nearly east, & its extention 20 or more
miles, & from one to two in breadth;
as we return’d to Oneida next morning
we beheld its destructive effects on the
corn, oats & c. and this day, for more
than 5 miles, it was affecting to see the