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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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will have to change before long, for
they have sold their lands, particularly
where the state road goes within 2 or 3
miles of this place, & the white people
are settling on it fast, who have put
several houses to the east & west of
the castle & we saw a number of cattle
in the woods within 2 miles of their
corn & c. There are several good
houses in the castle with glass windows
& piazzas or porticos before the door;
one of the chiefs house is painted
red, & looks showy. The main road
from Albany to the Western country
goes thro’ their enclosure, there being a
gate hung on each side; many travellers
stop & stay all night at the red house;
it is call’d a tavern. their houses are
generally floor’d, with chimneys at one