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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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the Good Spirit would safely preserve us
on our way home to our families & friends
Then after a short pause, a woman, on
behalf of the women present, deliver’d a
speech much to the foregoing import,
tho’ we thought more weighty & nervous
we then return’d to captain Hendrick’s
where we lodg’d, in a good clean bed.


Return’d this morning to our friends
at Oneida, & it being the first day of the
week, we sat with them in their meeting.


Had a council with the Oneidas
this afternoon, on business that our friends
here had been endeavouring to get them
together about for several weeks past, but
were not able to accomplish it until we
came, we made some fresh proposals to
them, concerning some of their young
men coming to work on the farm with
our friends, they never having complied