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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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& when made clean harrow the ground several
times over, then they plant & tend the
corn with a hoe, never putting a
plow in the ground; when the corn
comes off in the fall, they again har-
row the ground several times, & then
sow it with wheat & timothy seed, &
often times some clover, & when the
wheat comes off, mow it for several years
by that time many of the roots are rotten,
they then plow & farm it as suits best.
41 miles.


Went 13 miles to breakfast, the first 7
good limestone land, unsettled, being
lately purchas’d of the Onandago In-
. Then a few settlements to Onan-
dago creek
, three miles, in an uncom-
mon vally, surrounded with high
hills; In said vally a number of good
improvements. From lake Erie