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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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with grass, & that many farmers
would cut from 20 to 30 tons of hay.
For 30 miles back I think it is with
out exception the best body of land
I have seen since we left home.
We got a five Oclock dinner at Car-
& then rode 6 miles further
to Lindsey’s, on 9 mile creek, a pretty
large stream, being the outlet of the
S lake. our last stage
mostly woods, lodged here, cutting clover
& timothy for our horses with a sic-
kle, the grass so stout I thought
it would have produced nearly 3
tons of hay to the acre. The common
practice of raising corn, wheat & c.
for many miles past, is to clear
a piece of ground by cutting down
nearly all the timber, which they
heap up & burn on the spot,