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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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not to be seen; here we had beauti-
ful timothy & clover fields almost
constantly in view, with a good
appearance of wheat, indian corn,
flax, oats, & c. these we shew’d to our
Indian guide, he alighted to exam-
ine the heads of wheat, we shew’d
him the flax, that shirts & c. are
made of, with which he appear’d
pleas’d. We saw 4 men hoeing
corn, these we pointed to, telling
him they were not squaws or
women, & that was the way the white
people did their work; he knew our
meaning, which he express’d by a lively
smile; We now parted with him,
having travelled together 170 miles, he
going on for Canandarque, & we for
Mud-Creek, he is the same Indian
chief who lives near by to where our