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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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Families staid in their habitations
the others seeking safety in flight
which was also generally the case in
Wilmington, where the Mortality was
such, that three Sisters were seen
carried at one time in one Cart to th
eir Graves. The City of New-
was visited at the same time
in a similar manner, tho’ not, (I be-
lieve) to so great a degree.

Things thus afflictingly Cir-
cumstanced amongst us, there
was no meeting of the Committee
on Indian Affairs
, from the 18th
of the 8th month, untill the 17th
of this
, when a number of us being
in unmerited Mercy favour’d
with ability to attend at the Usual
place, a Meeting was held, and
we should have been pleased
to have heard from you, which
has been the case but once in an
Official way, since J. Sharp-