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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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many have ended their Lives in the Neigh-
bouring Country; but it is not Philadelphia
only that has to Mourn her Slain; Several
parts of the Country, adjacent have los-
sed some of their most Valuable mem-
bers. About thirteen of the friends
who came to the City at the Usual
time of holding the Yearly Meeting
were by this Disease removed, amon-
gst whom were Warner Mifflin, and
James Emlen, two members of our
Committee, Joseph Slone, another
member Died some time before, whe-
ther of the prevelent disease, I know
not. The neighbouring
Villiges, particularly those on the
Delaware , were deep shearers in this
great Affliction; Of these perhaps
Chester & Wilmington were most con-
spicuous, as in the first, Thirty-
Seven persons are said to have
Died, and of the remainder of the
Inhabitants it is also said, but five