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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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less, and J. Peirce left you, for
notwithstanding our minds have
been exercised with the awful scenes abo-
ut us, Yet I believe, you have often
been brought into remembrance and
to have heard at the last Meeting of
your Welfare & c. would have af-
forded satisfaction to all then present.

The desire I feel that you should
from time to time, be informed
that you live in the remembrance of
your Friends here; more than any
Qualification at present experien-
ced for writing; is the cause of my
addressing you at this time, for
tho’ it might be possible for my head
to dictate and my hand to write
something that should sound agree-
able, yet without a Corrispondent
feeling of the Heart, it would be alas,
but as sounding Brass.

In sincere Love, in which, I am
joined by my Wife, I am affec-
tionately your Friend, Thomas Wistar