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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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there now, and feel thyself willing to stay there three years
by which time the think, thee can learn to keep house
pretty well. I am very glad to understand that thee
has so good folks to live with, who learn thee to read,
spin, knit, sew & c. and give thee an advantage to go
to Meetings, it is my earnest with that thee would
continue to be good Girl, as Friend Sharpless told us in
his Letter, do what thee is bid, and be attentive to the
good Council thee here, Remember thy Creator,
knowing that thee is accountable creature, endeavour
to understand, and what the will of the Lord is.
I cannot write as much as I wish, but I doubt not
that Friends have freequently mentioned these things at
thy hearing. Great many have been sick this last
summer, but most of them recovered, thy Aunt Betty
died by the sickness. I am not very well, I have been
poorly since last spring, the rest of our relations are
pretty well. Thy Brother John Baldwin is