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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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My good Friend Henry Simmons, I have put
down on this paper a speech, which my ancesters used
to esteem. This is the way and manner of their
talk when they enter into Covenant of Friendship
with any Nation, or People. Which I desire you to
look and keep as spoken to you, and yours.
My Friend, I now thank you for the kindness which
you have Shewn to me, and my people, ever Since you
been with us on this Country, As you are about
to return Homewards, I wish you the pleasant Journey
I hope the great good Spirit will protect & preserve
your Health, that you may be able to reach or arive at
Home to rejoice with your Dear Relations. Farewell

Hendrick Aupaumut New Stockbridg
9 Mo 9th 1797

Affectionate daughter,
I received thy Letter by Friends, with pleasure
and satisfaction, in hearing that thee is pretty well since
the came there where thou livest, that thee likes to live