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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Men, Women and Children.

Brothers, Now let it be known throughout your
Tribes, that we both stand on this good path, wherein we
may walk backwards and forwards to see, visit comfort, and
exhort one another for our good, that we may be enabled to
keep up our Friendship bright, and our path Smooth &
Direct, Lest, Some bad Weeds growing on the way or some
other Obsticle, whether by natural production of the ground
or sown by Evil Birds, whereby we may Stumble, but
if ever such thing is discouvered, we must both Lay our
Hands on it and remove it .

Brothers, If we always be faithful in Cultivating
our Friendship and preserve this path, the great good
Spirit will look on us with approbation and send his Light
upon this path to Scatter all Dark Clouds, that it may
always appear Pleasant, that we and our latest gene-
ration may rejoice in it.

A Belt of Wampom Delivered
the Wampom purly white
except one row Purple in the mid
dle, which Signified the path.