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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Joseph Clark, my friend
I take this opportunity to inform you, that
Jacob Littleman has lost a little Daughter, who
died one Week to day, her name was Jerucy Thuhyewnh
aged Ten years, The sister of Margaret Mautauwsquoh
She begin feel unwell three days before her Sister set out
from Home, but the rest of their Children are pretty well
Jacob desires thee to inform his Daughter this sorriful
new of the Death of her beloved Sister; and to tell her
to remember her Creator in the Days of her youth.

My Friend, We rejoice when we consider that you
are our friends, that you have apparently manifested
to us, for which we ever feel under obligations to main-
tain the friendship now subsisted between my nation
and yours; And I hope by the Mercy of the
Good Spirit we shall yet become as Civilized nations
and to rejoice with you in the Salvation of Jesus-

is from your Sincere Friend Hendrick Aupaumut New Stockbridg
November 30th 1797