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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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New Stockbridg 12 mo 11th 1797

Friendly Sister
I received thy kind letter by friend Henry-
, the 2 Day of 11th Month last. It afords me a plea-
sure and satisfaction, because it informs me of thy gladness by
hearing that their is friendship subsisting between my people
and thine, at which I also ever feel thankful, to see such love
Friends have as to take upon themselves to much pains & expence
for endeavoring to lead poor Indians to Civilization, which
love my people are convinced that the friends are indeed true
Friends to them; and by the blessing of the Good Spirit, the pains
which have taken are not vain; the good Councils given
to us by thy people are observed and often reminded one to-
another and of latty number of my Carless people are brought by
the Power of the good Spirit to concern for their Immortal
Souls, and become serious; And I believe with thee, that if
we turn our minds towards the Good Spirit He will not fail
to help us to every thing we are in need of. I received the
presents thee sent to me, with thankfulness, for which I
Heartily thank thee; May the friendship now subsist=
ing between thy people and mine may never be forgoten to the
latest generation. I got great Leal better what I was while

So I remain with much Love to thyself, and thy Hisband
from thy Sister Catherine Quachmut
Rebeccah Roberts