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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Oneida September 9th 1797

Brothers, Attend
We the Chiefs of Oneida nation will speak
to you in the way of writing, to let you know that
we have met in Council, and that our good Friend
Henry Simmons, the young Man you placed here
to instruct us how to manage our Land, is now ab-
out to leave us. Brothers We will also
inform you that your young Men have been very
faithful and useful to us ever Since they been with
us, and that we have never find any fault with
them, but we find fault with ourselves, we feel sor-
ry that we have been so backward, we could not
do what we might have done, but Brothers,
you well know that we are Ignorant, and that it
is very hard to change our ways. But we are
fully determine to try to follow the path which you
pointed out for us, we can go but very slow; and
we wish that you will not be discouraged, and desire