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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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you to exercise patience.

Brothers, We now thank you for your Kin-
dness, we also thank your young Men for the pains
they have taken, We hope by the goodness of the
Great Spirit, we shall yet become as Civilized peo-

this from your Brethren. Christian Kaghneatogh
John Skennondougha
Anthony Shararighyoh
Peter Thedehaphrehes
Nicholas Shagoghyadonha
Nicholas Cusick

Joseph Samsom
the rest of our Friends of your society

Brothers and friends attend
We the Chiefs and Councillors of Muhhe-
or Stockbridg Nation; will take this opper-
tunity to send our voice to you, we feel rejoice and
thankful that the Great Good Spirit has put
such Light and Love on your Hearts, and influenced
your minds such a degree, so as to have compassion-