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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Evening, and as we send you a Speech or Letter by our
beloved friend Henry Simmons, I think it is need-
less for me to tell thee every particular of our welfare
and he is able to give you all necessary information
from us.

So I remain thy Sincere Friend and
Brother John Quinney
To John Peirce New Stockbridg 11mo 8th 1797

Dear Sisters,
On the arival of our Friends Joseph
and Henry Simmons, we unexpectedly lea-
rned that you agreed to take some of our Daughters,
and to Teach them till their age, those ways which
you Teach your Daughters, and that your Brethren
encouraging you in it. Sisters, We believe
it is good Spirit that puts it into your Hearts to
shew this great favour to us, We therefore heartily
accept your proposals and willingly send our Daugh-