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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Some conversation between the Mother & Daughter
of the Stockbridg nation, before the Daughter was
brought to Pennsylvania

Dear Brother,
I just mention to you few words, because
I tell you I would let you know my mind about my
little Daughter, when we received proposals from
you, She ask me two or three times, whether I feel
quiet on my mind that she should go with Friends
I tell her I am quiet on my mind, I am cheefully wil-
ling you should go with these good friends to their
homes, because you shall their find good Friends,
but she says mother, who shall help you about
the House after I am gone, no danger in that res
pect my Daughter, then she tell me I will be obe-
dient to them who shall take care of me.

Brother, I am cheerfully willing to leave my
Daughter under your care, and I am willing
that she should be inoculated if you see fit

Elizabeth Joseph
to Henry Simmons New Stockbridg 11mo 8th 1797