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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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which no man can taken away from you. I hope
that make your faithful Heart Melt.

these from your affectionate Friend Catherine Solomon
To Martha Titus
Elizbeth Seaman
Hannah Eddy New Stockbridg 9mo 1797

Beloved Sister
I received a kind letter from thee about
too years ago with the presents the sent me by my
Brother Hendrick, as a token of thy Love, Tho’ I
have feef obligation to manifest my thanks to thee for
thee kindness thee shewed to me at that time, espe-
cially because I was particularly in very needy cir-
cumstance for want of necessaries; but one thing
and another have prevented me by not writing to
thee, one year after the Death of my Dear Hus-
band, one of my Children also died, and soon
after that our Dear Friend, Sampson Occom died